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Panel of Field Experts for the Management of Protected Area


​Simon Nkoitoi

​Chief Warden of Olkinyei Conservancy

One of the most experienced & reputable field conservationists in Kenya. He is one of the founders of Koyaki Guiding School, the first professional guiding school in Kenya where he trained many local Masai students to be professional safari guides or rangers.


James Sindiyo

​Former Chief Warden of Masai Mara National Reserve

James Sindiyo has been working in Masai Mara for decades as ranger, official, warden and chief park warden. Considered as the one who knows Masai Mara the best, he has made great contributions to improve wildlife conservation in the national reserve.

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Parkire Kuyioni

Chief Park Warden of Masai Mara National Reserve

Parkire Kuyioni has been working in Masai Mara National Reserve for decades and was appointed as chief park warden in 2015. He visited China in 2018 and participated in Changbai Mountain International Conference for Protected Areas.

Panel of Experts: Meet the Team
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