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Zhuo Qiang, known as 'Simba', is the first Chinese wildlife conservationist working in Africa. Based in Olkinyei Conservancy, he has lived with lions in the wild for 6 years in search of the best model where human and lions could live in harmony. His legendary work was filmed into a popular documentary "Lion Heart" by the History channel and has inspired more and more Chinese people to be aware of and support wildlife conservation in Africa.


Aisha Khan

​Nairobi Office

Aisha Khan is based in Nairobi office, working together with East Africa Wild Life Society and other partners in Kenya. She also plays a very important role in coordination of MCF projects in Kenya and receiving visiting delegation from China, U.S. and other parts of the World.


Ben Tongoyo

Mara Project - Olkinyei Conservancy

Ben Tongoyo is a local Masai who was one of the first rangers to join Olkinyei Conservancy. As the manager of Olkinyei Adventure Camp, Ben also acts as MCF representative based in Olkinyei Conservancy.

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Simon Masago

Mara Project - Ngoswani Station

As one of the best safari guides in Masai Mara, Simon Masago is very warm-hearted and devoted himself to helping local community to live in a better life. Simon Masago's favorite animal is lion.

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